Unemployed For The Summer: Here’s What To Do

Mammy and Daddy may be happy (begrudgingly) to fund your drinking and “studying” during the college year. It’s unlikely that they are as forthcoming with funds during the summer months. For a while there, it seemed us students would be set for the summer, sun is free and a wonderful novelty for us pasty, freckle-faced souls, but now that the clouds have rolled in, what’s a student to do?

Be honest, you thought this summer was going to be the best one ever – a long, hard year of doing little or nothing in college really takes its toll. Unfortunately if you are not lucky enough to either be on a J1, backpacking across Europe or you have the most lucrative of things, a job, you are more than likely close to breaking point. Here are a few ideas to make the long summer slightly more bearable.

Catch ’em all

Go up to the attic, find all your old toys and pretend the last 15 years never happened. Dust off the Pokémon cards, YuGiOh cards or football cards (am I the only one whose childhood was dominated by intermittently collecting shiny pieces of cardboard. What will archaeologists of the future think of us?) Nothing would make your parents prouder than when they knock on your door and their 20ish-year-old child has built a replica of their house out of Lego. I say proud…
Go mad…on a budget

Short of becoming the guy who finishes other people’s drinks, you’ll either have to adjust your idea of a wild night or rob a bank (Campus.ie does not endorse such behaviour). When you have to earn your own money you realise that three Jaegerbombs for a tenner isn’t actually good value. Do the math young students. That works out as €53 for the bottle of fake Jaeger and cheap Red Bull (for all you bargain hunters out there).

Pick a hobby

Whether it’s knitting, table tennis or attempting world domination, a new hobby can’t be a bad thing, though if you opt for the latter, maybe be more careful. Maybe you could set up a fight club – just don’t tell anyone about it. Hobbies help put the hours in as my granny says. You could also meet new people, learn new skills or have a nice woolly jumper just in time for the winter.

Save the world

Allow me to become slightly serious, just for a moment. Abraham Lincoln once said that “To ease another’s heartache is to forget one’s own,” a deep, inspiring thought no doubt. When I think of charity, unfortunately the first thought that comes to mind is those incredibly annoying “chuggers” (charity muggers) that appear on our streets in increasingly large numbers during the summer months.

Maybe something positive you could do this summer is helping out. They say charity starts at home so why not volunteer at your local GAA club – I’m reliably informed that the season is well under way. If sports aren’t for you, there are plenty of other local schemes in every town in Ireland who are always more than happy to have volunteers. Yes, you may feel unlucky that you have no job for the summer, but I can guarantee you that there are people much less fortunate than you right on your doorstep.

Worst comes to worst you could find your nerdiest friend and make daisy chains in the park for four months, or you could just spend your time completing Candy Quest. On a related topic, what the hell is Candy Quest? Sometimes I despair.