The perfect end makes for the perfect night

Nights out are fickle things, and their success depends on several elements that seem difficult to pinpoint. In my experience, there is one end-of-the-night routine that can turn even the worst night on its head. 
When you master the post-party programme. you’ll never go back. By finding the right transport, the ideal snack and the maximum level of comfort waiting at home, you’ll round off your night in the best way – safely and happy. 
The final dance break 
Before leaving the club and beginning the long road to shut-eye time, it’s essential to blow the last ten minutes of the night with the ultimate dance break. 
It’s time to crank it up to the next level and let off any residual steam you have left. Pump that fist to near shoulder-dislocation and swish the hair like you just don’t care. 
You should be left alert in mind and thoroughly wrecked in body – perfect for the wind-down. 
The essential feast 
Tastes vary from person to person, and while I am always in awe of the burrito-eaters after a night of boogieing, I try not to judge. Whether it’s a garlic cheese chips filled with instant, blissful regret, or a slice of lamp-warmed pizza chewier than cardboard – these are the things that keep us going when the night gets rough. 
Find your ultimate night out munch and stick to it. I mean, the body is resilient and all that, and after long enough your body will probably become immune to the calories. Makes sense.
Taxi friend 
Taxi drivers are there to do a job, but also to be befriended – sometimes they just don’t know it yet. By finding a taxi driver you trust and have banter with, it guarantees a safe, fun trip home from any night out. 
The perks to a taxi friend are endless: a set fare, no dodgy direction-giving, a heart-to-heart, and if you’re lucky, control over the radio. 
There are no downsides to the arrangement and it is definitely the most beneficial friendship you’ll make on the night. 
The last leg 
The last leg of the night is essential. It involves tea and chats around the kitchen table to relive and reflect on the night’s antics. It involves the fluffiest pyjamas warmed on a radiator. 
It involves a clean face and a giant glass of water, downed in two large gulps. Lastly, it involves the alarm. You may be up in two hours for that tutorial you despise, but it’s going to be the best damn two hours of your life. 
The recovery after a night out can often be the most enjoyable part. Stay safe and Stay Yourself with Diageo. Visit http://www.stay-yourself.eu/ for more information.