Bases to cover when planning your night out

What’s that saying? ‘Fail to prepare and prepare to fail?’ It’s always used around exam time, but being honest, you can apply it to plenty of things, nights out included. 
It’s always those unplanned nights, or the ones where you got so caught up in the excitement that you forgot to organise, that end up in disaster.
Cover all your bases and have the best night out without stressing with these top tips!
The essentials
Make a checklist of all the items you’ve brought out with you and mentally go through it throughout the night. 
It will typically include phone, cash, keys, coat, I.D and whatever other essentials you might need. There is nothing, I repeat nothing, worse than waking up the morning after finding that your phone or wallet is nowhere to be seen. 
Make sure you have everything throughout the night and avoid the awkward asking-the-parents-for-a-loan the next day.
It’s all about timing
Do you ever get those nights where loads of your friends are going out, yet none at the same time? Nightmare. 
Put that chaotic group chat to good use and organise what time you’re all leaving to go out and what time you’ll meet up, so that everyone can join in on the fun without missing out.
Planning on leaving early? Or going home with your significant other instead of getting a taxi with everyone else? Tell your mates that! 
Make sure that everyone knows how everyone is getting home, so that the police aren’t knocking around to yours in the wee hours to inquire about a missing person.
Getting a taxi or bus home can be a nightmare at the best of times, but if you’re wandering around aimlessly looking for one, you can forget it. 
Get yourself sorted with public transport apps, like Dublin Bus or Irish Rail, so that you can see when the bus or train is due. 
With taxis, Hailo has recently become My Taxi, but works much the same way. Download the necessary apps before you go out and make sure you have a way of getting home safely. 
Stay organised and in control on your next night out. Visit Diageo’s Stay Yourself Campaign for more information: http://www.stay-yourself.eu/