Alcohol & Drugs: The Importance of Knowing Your Limit

College can a bring a whole load of new experiences and you may want to dive in head first to all of them. There are things that you should be aware of though, for your own safety and wellbeing.

This is not to victim blame anyone, in anyway, for over-doing it at any stage. These are just tips to help you with your own and your friends’ safety, while getting the best you can out of the college experience.

A lot of socialising during the college years focuses on alcohol. When meeting new people and feeling a bit unsure of yourself, it can be easy to slip into the habit of using alcohol to boost your confidence and stop feeling nervous.

It is, ultimately your decision how much you drink. But, you know that lots of binge drinking is not good for your health, right?

We all respond to alcohol differently, so know your own limits. There are also numerous factors that can influence the effect of alcohol, such as how much you drink, how quickly you drink it, whether you consume alcohol with other drugs, whether you’re male or female, your mood, your body type, and whether or not you’ve eaten properly beforehand.

Be aware that the recommended guidelines for men are 17 standard drinks and 11 standard drinks for women spread out over the course of a week, with at least two to three alcohol-free days. So, we’re not saying say ‘no’, we’re saying keeping alcohol in moderation might actually be better for your social life, your workload at college and your overall physical and mental health.

You may also come across drugs while you’re at college in a way that you haven’t before and be curious.

It can seem like entire groups of friends or people you know look like they base their social life around drink or drugs every weekend while managing to keep up with their college work and have a great time. Looks can be deceptive, and while it can appear that way from the outside, you may not notice those who aren’t able to manage it all and gradually drop off the scene as it all gets on top of them.
Along with any lifestyle decisions you make, inform yourself about different drugs and their effects as a much as possible to make informed choices and weigh up the consequences.

Sometimes, the best thing you can do for your own personal safety is knowing when you’ve had enough and having a keen sense of how comfortable you are in a situation. Learn to listen to your gut and do your best to get out of any situations that don’t feel right.
Make sure on nights out to look out for friends, ensuring everyone has ways and plans to get home at the end of the night, if you end up being separated from each other.

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