The world’s smallest social media site

Having as many friends as possible on social media is usually the goal for most people. However, what about those of us who still want to post but only want it to be seen by our favourite people?
The arrival of the world’s smallest social media site could be the answer to your prayers. ‘Camarilla’ is a new app that only allows you to add 15 people. The app was created to solve the problem of intrusiveness that most social media site have. It’s a way to stay close to family and friends without sharing with other unwanted prying eyes.
The selected people you choose to add to your little network of friends are the only people that will be able to see your post and photos. Also, any comments left on your post can only be seen by you. It’s almost like a group chat, expect nobody else can invade in the interactions you have with the group chat individuals.
“It’s a private space where you can post your moments – whether they’re special or every day – for those closest to you. You don’t need to worry about public approval. There’s no Like button. It’s just for you and them.” said CEO of Camarilla, Constance Scholten.
The app has over 1,000 downloads and was reviewed by Techcrunch and Mashable as part of a list of “7 can’t miss apps”.
After reading these reviews, I decided to check it out for myself. I downloaded the app to check out the interface and how smoothly it runs. The first thing I notice was the how vibrant the app design was. My first surprise was that you have to have your mobile number verified before you can create an account then secondly you have to give your email address and a profile photo to actually get into the app itself.
One thing that surprised me, however, was that invites are sent out directly to contact numbers rather than a link but then I realised that, if this is an app set up as a simpler alternative to social networking sites and programmed to be more suited for people who may not be as technologically savvy, following a link by text would make sense.
Overall, I can see the appeal and a demand for an app like this but I don’t think it would work for a friend group. It is, however, ideal for young family and colleagues.