The best apps for college

The new college year is now in full swing. Whether you’re a fresher or in your final year, you might still be trying to figure out some ways to make your work that bit easier with the help of some apps. 
Here’s some of the essentials every student should use:
Most smartphones and tablets come with built-in note taking apps, but they’re usually lacking features and good sorting. 
Evernote is the absolute leader in note taking apps, with a huge library of features, from dictation to simply storing pictures. With apps on every platform you can imagine, you’ll never miss out if you have Evernote.
Google Drive 
Most universities now use Google Apps for their email and drive storage services. If you are lucky enough to have Google Apps, then the Google Drive app will be a life saver. 
Being able to access all your saved files from your phone or tablet is more liberating than you’d think. To edit your docs and spreadsheets, you’ll also have to install the Google Docs and Sheets apps, but they’re worth installing too.
Banking app 
Whichever bank you’re with, it’s very handy to have their app installed on your phone. Whether on a night out or dying for a chicken fillet roll after a boring lecture, being able to open an app and check your balance is a lifesaver. Just don’t blame the app if you’ve got a negative balance.
Travel apps 
If you’re the unlucky sod that has to commute to college, you need to know when your bus or train is. Most major transport links, Dublin Bus for example, have apps now which will give you real time info of when your bus is due to arrive. 
A fine way for you to precisely time how much longer you can spend in the college bar before missing the last bus home.
Hey, be honest, you’re away from home for the first time, you’re going to give Tinder a proper go. The influx of freshers in colleges across the country every year all have the same thoughts, you may as well join them and see which way you’re going to swipe.