New Mac Music App to Replace iTunes This Fall

Apple recently announced at the companies annual Worldwide Developers Conference that they will be launching a new Mac software, macOS Catalina this Autumn to replace the 18-year old iTunes app on Mac.

Though, Apple iTunes will still remain with Windows for the foreseeable future Apple revealed that the Mac version will be replaced by three separate apps; Apple Music, Apple TV and Apple Podcasts.

Since, it’s initial launch way back in 2001, Apple iTunes has become in a way “outdated” and clogged with a lot of things that aren’t music related like the app was initially used for. That is exactly the reasoning behind Apple’s revelation to split iTunes into sepeare apps on the Mac, like it does already on iPhones and iPads.

The good news for all and any iTune users is that fortunately all your current downloads and content on your iTunes account as of now will not go to waste but is said to transfer over to the apps.

Following the changeover, Apple has confirmed that all the music of users will automatically show up in the new Apple Music app, including any playlists, ripped albums and/or purchased products.

In a bid to declutter individual apps, and give a bit of organisation to your phone, after the changeover comes through all your bought TV shows and movies will now be stored in a separate app called Apple TV. As will podcasts to the Apple Podcast app.

Though the iTunes app on Mac will no longer exist, the iTunes store itself will live on, and gift cards will still be purchasable.