Five free apps every student needs

Permanently glued to your hand, your iPhone can be a curse or a Godsend, depending on the app you’re attempting to use, or desperately need. We can all rely on the Irish Rail app being a little over conservative with arrival times, or the Facebook app crashing right at the moment your classmates have just posted about that 1000 word assignment which had casually slipped your mind the last six weeks. What you probably didn’t know is that there are a few gems sitting patiently on the shelves of the App Store that can make your life as a student a whole lot easier, there just in time for you when you’re outrageously stressed out/hungover/or you just ‘can’t even…’.

AllRecipes Dinner Spinner (Free)

Don’t be put off by the fairly worrying name. If you’re like me and you have the incredibly useful but sometimes questionable skill to compile your dinner out of the remnants of some tinned tomatoes and half a pack of ham, All Recipes the app you’ve been missing out on. Like a clever meal-generating calculator, you input all the ingredients you’ve been able to find or tell it exactly what you’ve been craving. It then combines this with how much time you’re willing to spend making it (or how much time until new Kardashians starts) and gives you a simple recipe to make the dinner you’re destined for: Simple.

Journey Plan (Free)

Whether on your way to a rave two counties away, or your way back south from your college in the big smoke for the weekend, Journey Plan will tell you the quickest way to get between any two points in Ireland by public transport. Especially handy for negotiating Sunday times and getting to out of the way parties and friends’ apartments, it will pick not only the best form of transport but will also tell you how long exactly it will take to get there. It’s never been so easy to lie that you’re ‘on your way’ (i.e. barely out of the shower).

Evernote (Free)

If you never bothered to sort your Foucault from your Marx during the year, Evernote will be a happy discovery for you this exam season. Kind of like a digital folder, Evernote stores together to-do lists, lecture slides, notes and essays into the one organised, searchable place. Saving you hours of trying to locate essay titles, readings and particular lectures, Evernote leaves you with no excuse not to finally stop inexplicably searching for pictures of donuts on Instagram and ace your exams.


Offering over 4,250 educational videos in areas such as science, finance, economics and maths, Khan Academy will save you from the modules you’ve struggled with all year. As you can download videos for offline viewing, the app even allows you to cram extra knowledge on the bus on the way to and from exams. Not that you need it of course.

Spotify (Free)

Even though it’s an obvious one, its pure musical brilliance warrants its inclusion. For those of us who don’t have the bank account that would be support buying albums on iTunes, it gives you access to any music that has ever been released in your country, with options to listen to mood playlists and charts from other countries. Spotify’s great way to discern what your ‘jam’ will be this summer on the rooftops of Manhattan, or just a decent excuse to finally delete that fairly questionable Eurovision remix album from your iPhone, and stop telling your friends that you’ve ‘no idea how it even got there, how weird…’