12 apps every student needs

There is a range of educational apps available on the market that might make the first few weeks easier for those beginning or returning to college this year.  Sure you could spend all your time Snapchattin' and Netflixin' but these apps might make you feel less guilty about not looking at that reading list. Here are a few that will increase your productivity at college.


Khan Academy: A huge range of topics, including biology, physics, maths, economics, and more are covered by the Khan Academy, which allows you to learn almost anything for free. There are over 4,200 videos and articles available through the app.

Cliffnotes Study Guides: This is one that’s more suitable closer to exam time, but it may provide students with a different perspective on something that they start reading.

iTunes U: If you need some extra reinforcement for a variety of subjects, iTunes U is a fantastic resource. It provides users with access to free courses from leading universities such as Stanford, Yale, Oxford, the University of Tokyo , and the New York Public Library.


Cúlacaint 3: If speaking “as Gaeilge” isn’t one of your strong points then be sure to download TG4s third app in the award-winning series. It’s designed to make learning Irish fun. The app includes written and spoken references, as well as colourful images for a variety of useful words.

Duo Lingo: Learn a variety of languages, including Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and English.


Numbler Math Game: Numbler is like Scrabble or Words With Friends, but utilises numbers rather than letters.

Meteor Math: It’s a maths challenge with an arcade feel, as players must find two numbers to create the number shown.


Skyview Free: Explore the universe: Simply point the camera to the sky, tap on what you see and discover information about these sky objects.

NASA: Make your dreams of exploring space a reality with the NASA app that enables users to travel through the universe and gain an in-depth understanding of the NASA role in space exploration.


Guitar Tuna – Free Tuner + Metronome: If you play the guitar, this app is the perfect companion.

Study Aids:

Quizlet: Quizlet provides access to a range of flash card sets that you can use to study efficiently.

Flashcards+: The world’s most popular and best app for learning and studying new information.