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Your leaving cert holiday essentials

For those of you who are sitting your Leaving Cert this year, you should be well on your way to acing your pros in English, have your chemistry definitions learned off  and your German oral A-game on: verstehst du? 
Having a holiday to look forward to post-LC will give you the drive you need to perform at your best during this stressful period. 
So while you dream of your holiday getaway, we give you our top tricks and tips to help you prepare for your first big trip alone.
Sun screen
If you’re Irish, chances are that you’re a fair-skinned Folly. If you haven’t tanned in the sun before now, you probably won’t; so don’t expose your skin to the harmful rays of the sun. If you really want that golden sun-kissed look, fake it till you make it with a bottle of the brown stuff.
Your eyes are just as important as your skin when it comes to the harmful UV rays of the sun, so make sure to protect them with sunglasses. Luckily, sunglasses are this season’s most sought-after accessory. Just be sure that they offer some kind of UV protection before buying them.
Without sounding like your mother here, don’t forget to pack some multivitamins, especially if you’re planning on a party holiday. Vitamins from the B-family, like b12, release an excellent source of energy to keep you going all week long. And for that ghastly hangover? Rehydration salts such as Dioralyte (which can be bought over the counter at any pharmacy) will have you feeling replenished and ready to go again in no time.
Drink plenty 
Of water that is. Your body depends on water to survive and will excrete up to three-times as much water through sweating when the weather is hot. If you don’t drink plenty of water you will suffer from fatigue (extreme tiredness) and headaches. Who wants that on holiday? Exactly, nobody.
And above all, enjoy your first taste of freedom!
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