Money matters

Mother’s day on a budget

With it being Mothers’ Day this weekend, here at, we understand what it’s like being on a student budget and having to settle for a scented candle for your mam when really she deserves way more. This Mothers’ Day, you don’t have to break the bank to let your mam know you care; we’ve got you covered with Mothers’ Day gifts and ideas on a budget.
1.Breakfast in bed:
Treat your mam to a well-deserved breakfast in bed. Most supermarkets have fruit salads to go, fresh pastries and her favourite tea or coffee will make for a great morning treat that won’t break the bank. If you’re thinking about making scrambled eggs, pancakes or maybe even waffles, make sure you’ve practiced first (don’t want to give your mam food poisoning!). If in doubt, use a ready mix; Odlums do a great crepe and American pancake selection, available in Dunnes, Tesco and other supermarkets.
Flowers can get really expensive, especially if you go to a florist around any hallmark holiday. Best advice? Head to either Lidl or Aldi. They always have fresh flowers that you can mix and match to create the perfect bouquet. Just find a vase or pick up one in Dealz or Euro Two, fill it with fresh water and trim the stems of the flowers to fit. She’ll love the flowers and it won’t set you back in the bank. Also saves her a job if you’ve already got them in water!
3. Gifts:
This is always a tricky one. If you’ve got younger siblings they’re sorted – they probably made something in school. But when you get to college, you’re broke as is, so getting your mam something nice is a bit of a challenge. Try making it personal, think of what she needs and try to get something she’ll use. Check if she needs to replace makeup, clothes, shoes. Maybe she wants to get back into shape – try getting her something she’ll use, a Fitbit or running gear. Maybe she wants to take up a new hobby? Cooking, baking, photography, and maybe if the budget is tight, get her a book on it?
4. Showing up is 90% of the job:
With parents, showing up is 90% of their job. This Mother’s Day, the best gift you can give your mam is just showing up and celebrating with her – whether it’s having tea and chats or taking her out to lunch, make sure she knows you care. After all, if it weren’t for our mams, none of us would be where we are today. They’ve gotten up for every school run, every sick day they’ve stayed home with us, attended every football/basketball/hurling/ camogie game, spent their days off looking after us and never once complained and they are always there to answer the phone whenever we call. So this Mothers’ Day, head home for the weekend, go spend some time with your mam and thank her for everything she does.