Survival Guide

Hey big saver! 5 tips to save money on the move this semester

It’s surprising how much travelling you do during the college weeks. Whether that’s going home for a quick family visit, grabbing a taxi after a night out or just wanting a little trip around the

7 Simple Ways To Last Until Pay Day

As much as we all love the Christmas – it costs. From presents to parties to post-party takeaways, our bank accounts tend to take a hit over the festive period. A lot of people also have the

A better way to give back

It’s the sort of question you could imagine Dougal asking Ted just before they turned out the lights on Craggy Island. And the answer would be something to the tune of ‘Well I’m not sure

How to manage your money as a student

We’re always told about saving for that “rainy day” occurrence. It’s something that’s planted into our minds from an early age, from pocket money to cashing in for birthdays or special

Driving too expensive for most students

Being a student is a pricey time for all involved. Between rent, fees and for some reason, your always only having a fiver to last you a month, adding driving onto your never ending list of payments

Mother's day on a budget

With it being Mothers’ Day this weekend, here at, we understand what it’s like being on a student budget and having to settle for a scented candle for your mam when really she deserves