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Top 25 highest-paying internships

Internships have been getting a lot of heat these days, what with JobBridge’s ridiculous attempts to not pay interns for doing a proper job. In fact, this week’s postings include the chance to make chicken filet rolls in Supervalu, work as a school caretaker in Muckross, and sell lawnmowers in Cork.

Whether you think these posts are justifiable or not, it’s hard to deny that most internships are solely reserved for the rich. A lot of the time, the most you can expect is a sandwich at lunch and a pat on the back when your time’s up. Unless you’re lucky enough to be hired by these top companies, that is. A paycheque upwards of $6,000 a month? Yes, please.

Glassdoor, a job site that allows anonymous employee reviews, has released its annual list of the highest-paying companies for internships. With all of these companies paying upwards of $4,500, that works out at a sweet $54,000 – or nearly €40,000 a year. Not bad pay for an intern.

The list is mostly composed of tech companies, for any of you ambitious heads looking to earn the big money. Palantir, who provides data analytics to groups like the CIA and FBI, comes in first on the list, closely followed by such well-known companies as Twitter, Facebook, eBay and LinkedIn.

It’s not all money and no fun either. Glassdoor has also released a breakdown of the highest-rated internships, with many of the same names featuring on both lists. Topping the list, Facebook and Google are renowned for both paying and treating their interns well.

Of course, something so prestigious doesn’t come easy. Apart from usual qualiifications, prospective interns can look forward to receiving questions like “An apple costs 40 cents, a grapefruit costs 80 cents and an orange costs 60 cents. Under these circumstances, how much does a pear cost?” at the interview stage. If you survive that, though, it’s plain sailing into the big leagues from there. 

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