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Arts attack: leave arts students alone – opinion

As an arts student myself I feel that a certain amount of snobbery has developed against this degree. So who can we blame in this society for the sudden attack on the arts? (Because let’s face it we simply love pointing the finger in this country!)

Personally I believe the poisonous CAO points system that has engulfed our country has played a huge part in this fierce attack.

Arts degrees in most institutions range from 335 points to 440 points, unlike science degrees like pharmacy and medicine which sit in the high five hundreds when it comes to points.

Don’t worry this isn’t another article bashing the points system, but it cannot be denied that there is a general feeling amongst people that lower point courses are not as worthy as courses that have higher point requirements.


Moreover, the recession in Ireland has drilled the importance of science and research into all of our skulls, with the Government ensuring all us young folk that there will be mountains of jobs available in science once we have completed our degree.

The same can also be said for courses in finance and accounting. Well, as a first year arts student, I can firmly say that I’m truly irritated at the sheer scale of snootiness that exists around my degree.

The chance to become true thinkers

The arts make up the largest department in most universities in this country, with students getting the opportunity to become true thinkers and gain a real educational experience. The range of subjects available from the traditional English and history to languages such as French and Portuguese to more contemporary subjects such as European Studies and Film Studies is simply phenomenal.

Let’s not forget that most arts students have the opportunity to study abroad and later complete a Masters degree in a subject that they really enjoy not just one that they were ‘’advised’’ to do by their parents or guidance councillor!

Lots of career paths

The career paths are equally endless, with not all arts graduates becoming teachers, in fact a great deal of them become involved in media, finance and international relations. Look at Ryan Tubridy, Ronan O’ Gara and Grainne Seoige, all arts students, all working in a field that they enjoy.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not knocking science or finance degrees, I think we can all agree that if in the morning all our doctors and accountants fled to Australia that our country would crumble to pieces, but I think the same can also be said for arts too.

All degrees are of equal measure, it’s what we do with them and how we apply ourselves during our time in college that really matters at the end of the three or four years we spend in college.

All I’m saying is that we shouldn’t grumble about any degree, so all I’m asking is for a little less arrogance toward the arts because after all arrogance is usually just to do with ignorance and for the most part ignorance isn’t really bliss at all.

So in the words of Rita Ora "Lay down your weapons" and for heaven’s sake leave the arts alone!