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5 Tips For Driving Home This Christmas

If this weekend’s weather is anything to go by, then we are set for a freezing cold Christmas this year. Temperatures around the country plummeted this weekend, with many roads frozen over this morning, making for some potentially dangerous driving. It’s important to take your time and take some precautions when driving in this icy weather, so here are our five tips for driving (safely) home this Christmas:

1.Ice scraper and de-icer:

For those frosty winter mornings. If your windscreen freezes overnight. make sure you have a can of deicer handy in your boot and an ice scraper. You can find these in most filling stations or in shops like Dealz and Tesco. They usually cost less than a tenner and can easily be stored in your car boot or glove box for when you need a quick solution on the go.

2. Keep blankets and emergency supplies in case of breakdown:

If the frost persists and you find yourself stuck in either a bad patch of black ice or your car breaks down make sure you’ve got blankets and warm clothes stored in case you’re waiting awhile for help to arrive. Keep a stash of energy bars, bottled water and a few sweets to keep those sugar levels up.

3. Reduce speed and break accordingly:

In case your car begins to slide – don’t panic! Lock your steering in the direction of the spin and break easily to avoid a collision. The main thing to remember when driving in icy or treacherous conditions is to reduce speed and break easily not unexpectedly.

4. Allow extra time for travel:

Don’t rush in the bad weather, take your time driving home for Christmas. If your journey is during peak times don’t rush, take alternates routes if your plan doesn’t go accordingly or the road is impassable. Don’t speed and take your time.

5. Take breaks on long journeys:

With the days getting shorter and the nights longer odds are you will driving in the dark to get home this Christmas. If doing so make sure to take breaks, to stop for food or take a nap if you feel yourself falling asleep at the wheel. If you’re blasting the heater non stop to clear your windscreen don’t forget to open a window every now and then to let fresh air in. And if in doubt, channel your inner Teresa Mannion and don’t make any unnecessary journeys.
Stay safe and have a merry Christmas from all at Let us know if these tips and tricks worked for you with the hashtag #campusdrivinghomeforchristmas.