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Cheating in the 21st Century

Among the many problems with the practice of infidelity, one of them is that it’s very difficult to define. For such a popular and modern taboo, the definitions of what is considered ‘cheating’

5 Tips for Staying Safe When Dating Online

It’s safe to say that now more than ever, we live in an online world. We work online, find entertainment online, and increasingly so, we date online. Whilst dating online can be a fun thing to do,

My Experience With the Pill

The bar. The IUD. The copper-coil. Condoms. The pill. Here are just a few of the many forms of contraceptives available to us these days. It can be overwhelming when deciding on which method works

Negative Relationships & Your Mental Health

An offence of psychological or emotional abuse is to be introduced as part of new domestic violence measures announced by Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan. This law will protect anyone who is

Should We Be Supporting 'The Friend-Zone'?

‘Friend zone’ is a phrase that was popularised by the popular sitcom Friends, since then it has become a worldwide phenomenon. The phrase was coined in the episode ‘The One With the

What Are the Different Kinds of Birth Control?

Before getting into the different types of birth control, it is important to mention that whilst these methods prevent pregnancy to a high extent; they, if not explicitly mentioned, – do not