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Like A Virgin

The concept of virginity has always been a poisoned chalice: simultaneously something to be revered and given away as quickly as possible. Young people are both fascinated and terrified by the idea

The Worlds Obsession With Romanticising Serial Killers

People’s obsession with male serial killers has always been an odd notion, but infamous killer Ted Bundy has had a following of women who think he was quite a handsome and charming individual,

In Defence of Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is here and Cupids all around the globe are readying their bows to pierce the hearts of unsuspecting lovers on February 14th. In a similar fashion, my Twitter timeline is primed

Valentines Day - Is It Worth The Hassle?

The 14th of February is almost upon us once again. For some this time of year is filled with glowing feelings of love and a sense of warmness in the soul. This, however, cannot be said for everyone.

Your Ego and Your Ex - Why Break Up's Are So Hard

A break-up is tough, perhaps one of the tougher things that a person can face. To lose someone so close, to have them reduced to a mere acquaintance, to know that you may never experience their love

The Age of Reason

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare: their seventeen-year-old daughter arrives home with a 23-year-old man on her arm and introduces him as her new boyfriend. Or, in the case of the French