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My Experience With Relationships & Knowing My Worth

I have learned that trying to comprehend relationships, in general, is very hard. As soon as you think you know what is going on and where you stand, the other half throws in some excuse, or some lie

Review: ‘Asking For It’ in the Abbey Theatre

The lights go down. The actors leave the stage. A stunned silence envelopes the audience. We’re clapping. We’re on our feet. We are awestruck. The play is about Emma O’Donovan, someone we all

Defining Relationships: When is the Right Time to Ask?

It’s tricky at the best of times, to know at what stage of a relationship you are at. Are you talking, ‘seeing each other’, dating, exclusive or official? No matter how laid-back

Tis the Season to Get 'Cuffed'

Now that Halloween is dead and gone, it’s time for the second scariest holiday of the year: cuffing season. Cuffing season, according to, is a period of time during which

It's 'Cuffing Season'. What is it and How do we Survive it?

And so it begins. The evenings get darker. The weather gets colder. Our beds feel bigger and our hearts get lonelier. Ah, cuffing season. Love it or hate it, it’s back with a vengeance. By

My Sex-Ed Experience: The bill that Could Change Irish Relationship and Sexuality Education

I can only vaguely remember sex education in primary school. Going to an all-boys primary, the sex-ed seminar was held in conjunction with the all-girls primary across the road. All of sixth class,