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Will laser eye surgery give you the confidence you need for starting university?

Starting at a new university can be daunting in terms of academics and making friends, but of course you’ll also want to be looking your best for those fresher’s nights out and first-term romances.

First impressions are usually decided within 90 seconds of meeting someone, and of course a lot of that is down to what you wear and how you look. Of those people with eyesight problems, many feel that their appearance is marred by their glasses – despite the geek chic trend and the fact glasses are now somewhat of a fashion statement – but would you be willing to give up your glasses?

Attending university means lots of reading, lectures and essays alongside the nights out, social clubs and living in halls, and your eyesight will need to be at its best. Many  prospective students are now choosing to undergo laser eye surgery on the premise that not only will they look better on the pictures that will be pulled out again and again well after your time at university, but that when they inevitably fall asleep at the library it’s much more comfortable when you’re not wearing glasses.

Compared to contacts and glasses, laser eye surgery is often the preferred choice for most people. Having to grope around for glasses or fiddle with contact lenses each morning can quickly become a drag, especially when you start having later nights along with the earlier mornings.

Having laser eye surgery is no longer the rigmarole that it used to be; in fact many high street opticians like Optical Express now specialise in the procedure; making it as quick, effective and painless as possible. Not only can it be a lifelong solution to eyesight problems, but can also leave patients with 20:20 vision.

Not everyone opts for this procedure, with many people preferring to keep their glasses. Some wearers feel safer with their glasses on and with the myriad of frame shapes, designers and lenses available they can certainly become a fashion statement of their own. Given the choice, which would you prefer?