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The support system we all forget about

So, you’ve got your results, you’ve received your acceptance letter and now the bags are packed and you’re off to college. Whether you’ve moved or are living at home, it’s worth remembering the people who’ve supported you the whole way.

College isn’t easy. It’s tough as hell at times. Assignments can build up, exam stress can hit and that guy/girl may not ever text back. Often you feel reluctant to talk to friends because you don’t want to burden them. Family however, sure, they’ve been there, done that and they’re still standing. Pick up the phone, send them a text or go down and have a chat with them. They understand that the transition isn’t easy, and they’re the ones that have been there for you, and will continue to be. No matter what silly antics you get up to, they love you.

Then there’s all the home-cooking. Nothing beats Mammy’s home cooked dinners. If you’re lucky, they’ll arm you with enough leftovers to sort you for the week ahead. The same can be said to finally getting in the door after a long day, and dinner’s in the oven. Living at home can have it perks when a plate of food is ready and waiting. Don’t be afraid to go and sit down and have a chat with you parents while you eat. Company is great, and nothing will please your mammy more than a clean plate.

And let’s not forget the lifts. Sometimes I think Dad’s assume the role of taxi man, but sure look it, no one better for it. Dad’s gives lifts to your friend’s houses, to and from the bus or train and no doubt they’ll help with moving your stuff too. While they may moan, secretly you know that they love it. You can’t beat a lift, particularly in this unpredictable Irish weather.

Financial support in college is becoming an increasing worry in this country for many students. Many parents take various measures to ensure their children can afford to go to college. Please remember this, it’s so important. They made sacrifices for you, because they saw the value of education. Then they made sure that you could physically attend, be in by helping you with transport or rent costs. 

Whether it’s telling you to get up the stairs and study, or that perhaps that dress is just a tad too short, they’ll let intervene when you’re not dressed as well as you could be. Your family are there to offer advice, and while sometimes we may be reluctant to take it, I have found that they cans see the bigger picture. College is a bubble and sometimes you need to take a step back and be outside looking in. I still never know how they have this infinite fountain of knowledge. 

As much as we all love nights out, being with our friends and submerging ourselves in college life, sometimes, nothing beats going home and chilling out. Pyjama bottoms on, feet up, cosy warm house and what’s that? A cuppa tea? Ah Mammy, you’re too good. Relaxing at home is easily one of the rare treats in college. There’s a safe, secure feeling there, and for that brief period, you can go back to being a ‘kid’ for want of a better word. I also highly recommend going home when you’re sick, no one can nurse you as well as your parents. Flat 7UP at the ready.

Family are fantastic in more ways than I have listed, don’t forget to check in with them while you’re galavanting around in college.