Healthy Mind

How to recognise a ‘toxic friend’

We all complain from time to time, and tell our friend’s things sometimes they need to hear that no one else will tell them. 
However every now and then you need to take a step back and ask yourself is your friend going too far with their insults and constant complaining about one person or another? Are they affecting your mood? Have they possibly become a toxic friend?
Some signs that might suggest your friendship is not as healthy as you thought;
They are always complaining about someone or something, a lot of their conversations with you seem to be very negative, or constant moaning. They never seem to have anything positive to say and make everything a bigger problem than it really is, while never focusing on a positive solution.
They somehow also manage to turn the conversation back to them or completely disregards what you have to say. They always seem to turn your achievements around to something about them, your worries to theirs and so on. You go to them with a problem and somehow it turns into a conversation about them.
They may disregard your achievements as important or brush them off as unimportant. They find it hard to be happy for you and are not able to hide their jealousy.
Do you have that friend who guilt trips you into something you don’t want to do? Maybe you have a fight or they’re not getting their own way and they cry or give you a sob story every time something is not going their way.
Putting You Down
Friends are supposed to be there to support us. They don’t have to agree with us, take our side or even like the same things we do. If your friend is constantly saying things that demean you or put you down, make you feel worthless or pitied are they really your friend? Are they always criticizing you and putting you down, instead of supporting you and building you up?
Whether you want to believe it or not having a friend like the one above is not good for your mental wellbeing. I am not telling you to remove them for your life, 
I don’t know them only you do. What I am saying is maybe you need to sit them down and tell them how you feel.