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Homesickness: a common problem

Everyone feels homesick at some point, whether it’s your first holiday on your own, starting college or even moving out of home into somewhere that is not student accommodation. Homesickness can affect anyone.


What is homesickness? 

Homesickness is the distress caused by a current or upcoming separation from home. Its dominant feature is preoccupying thoughts of home and objects of attachment.


There are many symptoms of homesickness which can include; feelings of grief, depression, anxiety and sadness to name but a few.


There are so many different ways to deal with homesickness and the same thing won’t work for everyone. One thing that might help with homesickness is staying in touch with your family and friend. Call them, write to them, or even send them a message on Facebook. 


Find out what is going on back at home, talk about what you have been up too.


 There needs to be balance here you do need to move on as such. Go out have some fun, find a new hobbies, join a club and make friends. You will be surprised by how much this will help.


Just because you are leaving home doesn’t mean you can’t bring items from home with you. Bring photographs, birthday cards, postcards, posters and so on. Having items that remind you from home might ground you and make you feel like you are not so far from the ones you care about.


So you are not living at home anymore that doesn’t mean you can’t still talk about home, your family and your friends from home. 


Just remember that you have new friends too, you are in a new environment so it is time to make new memories to go with all the ones you have from home.


Get up and get out. Go for a walk, join a class or society and meet new people. A lot of people suffer with homesickness because they are lonely.


 By going out and meeting new people and experiencing new things you won’t think about home so much instead you will be living in the moment and having fun with new people in a whole new place.


However if homesickness is something that is really bothering you and something you can’t seem to shake there is support there for you, remember you can speak to a doctor, counsellor or to find more information about who to go to for help why not pay your college welfare officer a visit, they will be more than happy to help.