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Help! i’m a smartphone addict!

I was addicted, and you may be too. The first two days without my precious gadget were the worst. I lay in bed contemplating life without it. The daunting thoughts of someone creeping through my most personal belonging nearly executed my soul. No joke.

I turned into a demon. I could not function. It was overwhelmingly upsetting.

Now that I am through the worst – and slowly adapting to a phone that considers Facebook a ‘java game’ – I thought it was important to share my experience.

I never once appreciated my phone. Yes, I always used it and kept it close, but I never actually appreciated it. The night it was stolen I remember being too lazy to put it into its cover. I just threw it into my oversized bag, basically asking for it to be stolen.

I realised that not having my phone was somewhat more distressing for me because I rarely used my laptop. Had I appreciated my laptop I could easily have opened it up the next morning to check emails and social networking sites. But it was another gadget of mine that I had put aside in the admiration of my new Samsung Galaxy S III.

I allowed it to fester, obtain colossal amounts of dust and riddle in viruses. It wasn’t the stolen phone that I was then aggravated by. It was my lack of appreciation for my expensive gadgets, and now I was left with an assembly of obstacles to fight through before I could comfortably re-enter the cyber world.

I took time to wipe my laptop clean, but more importantly I became aware of the cyber world around me. I began to surf through my Facebook past, adamant that it needed a spring clean. And trust me it did.

This is where I established how much I never took time to consider the affects that social media and smartphones have on people. I never even gave thought to Facebook privacy settings, or the fact that my past was on show for everyone to see. I began to furiously delete, then I changed my settings. It was a scary and eye opening voyage.

I wanted to delete my Facebook page, but I couldn’t for the fear of social exclusion. What has become of this world?

I am currently weighing up the pros and cons of purchasing a new smartphone. I would like to say I was clever enough to insure it, but I only have my dear mother to thank for having the cop on to cover it under the house insurance policy (The old timers appreciate such expensive things).

If I was to be completely honest, the only reason I want to buy a new one is because everyone else has one. What will become of my social status with a pink Samsung slide up phone?

Honestly, the hardest part is not being able to check my emails, or so I keep telling myself!

Back your sh*t up, insure your gadgets with your service provider and most importantly stop conforming. It will be the death of us!