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College costs causing major mental health issues

The research, conducted by the USI found that college costs for an average student annually is 11,000 euro and more than 72% have said they find it extremely difficult to, financially, stay in college
The President of the USI, Kevin Donoghue, spoke of how the number of students who were experiencing mental health problems in relation to the cost of college is extremely worrying.
Mr. Donoghue said, “73 percent is an alarming percentage of students who are experiencing depression and anxiety because of the high cost of college.”
He said that “€11,000 a year for a college course or €33,000 – €77,000 for a degree is an enormous cost for a young person.”
Many students who are receiving the SUSI grant said that it doesn’t even cover the full cost of their accommodation.
The Nevin Economic Research Institute (NERI) found that more than 15% of students were living below the poverty line.
Of the students surveyed, said that their main financial worry was the registration fee which is currently 3,000 for students who don’t qualify for the SUSI grant.
If the registration fees were to be increased in the upcoming budget, 63% of students say that they would not be able to attend college next year.
Jill O’Herlihy from Mental Health Ireland said that students need to be mindful of the physical signs that they are not coping with the stress of being able to afford college.
“We need to be mindful that when these issues arise, we act upon it instead of sweeping them under the carpet,” said Ms O’Herlihy.
“The most important thing to review is how you’re handling this stress, to make sure everything else in your life reduces it, such as sleeping for 8 hours, eating healthy and exercising.”
The USI urges any student who is experiencing stress or anxiety to go to Mental Health Ireland’s webpage for more information such contacts for psychologists as well as coping techniques.