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4 reasons to be cheerful this december!

So Love/Hate came to a lacklustre end, the sun now sets at approximately the same time your hangover allows you to wake up, and most days it’s colder than a witch’s teat outside.

The winter season is well and truly upon us. And while for some this might not mean all that much, for other more delicate souls it’s something akin to the end of the world crossed with an enema.

December doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom, though.

Sure, there are the obvious upshots: time off college and gift giving/receiving to look forward to, for example. But there are also many, many other good things about the end of the year to look forward to.

1. It's mulling time

For one: It’s mulling season! And this doesn’t just stop at wine; there are plenty of ways to enjoy a finely crafted blend of sugar and spices. From mulled cider to Mulled rum punch, you could probably actually mull just about any drink imaginable… Although some things, such Bacardi breezer, are probably best left unmulled (undrank at all, in fact).

2. Shorter days, longer nights

The shorter days mean longer nights, which means that you won’t feel guilty for putting on pyjamas and diving under your duvet the second you get in the door from (another tedious and freezing day at) college.

3. Cringey fun

If you’re still feeling a bit Grinch-y, and you just want to laugh maliciously at others, Christmas time is perhaps one of the most fruitful times of year for poking fun at people. Horrible Christmas jumpers, horrible mistakes at Christmas parties, hilarious Christmas postcards from American relatives and a little thing they call the Late Late Toy Show each provide ample mocking opportunities for the cynic inside us all.

4. Food and friends

There are also, of course the more obvious perks of the holiday season: Spending time with family, eating disgusting amounts of food and talking about whether or not it’s “too cold to snow” are all long cherished past times of our great nation at Christmas.

And so the next time you feel seasonal affective disorder creeping up on you one dark and dismal December eve just remember the things you can really be thankful for this Christmas, and if that still doesn’t work, you may just have to accept the fact that perhaps you are crotchety beyond repair…

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