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‘36% of students feel down on daily basis’ – usi

A staggering 36 percent of students feel down on a daily basis with a large proportion of those turning to comfort foods such as chocolate, crisps and cakes.
More than 4/5 of the students say that speaking to someone about their feelings has significantly helped.
20% of students said the worst thing someone can say to them when they’re feeling down is “man up!” while 18.3% of students said “cheer up!” is the worst.
USI President, Kevin Donoghue said that the statistics were “alarming”.
“It shows the fragility of the mind when it’s faced with multiple strains such as exam and financial stresses,” Mr Donoghue said.
“We are urging students to talk about their problems, anxieties or strains to someone. 
“People should be conscious of how they react to their friends’ mental health, because belittling the problem is extremely damaging to those suffering from anxiety or depression, as the statistics show,” he added.
Mr Donoghue was speaking ahead of the launch of the USI Chats for Change initiative, which was launched today at DIT Aungier Street and will see the USI appear in Maynooth University, Athlone IT, UCC and CIT over the coming week.
“43% of students said the worst part of feeling down is feeling isolated and hopeless with low self-esteem. We want to change these feelings. 
“The Chats for Change campaign aims to change the stigma around mental health and encourage anyone feeling down to get into the habit of talking about it,” he said.