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7 Ways To Beat The Post-Holiday Funk

While some of us are already thinking about assignment deadlines, others are seeing the snow falls in their hometown turning into rain. The one thing we are all sharing in early January is this sense

Looking After Your Mental Health In The New Year

Pressure. There’s an incredible amount of pressure put on everyone in the new year to be changed. Once the bells chime midnight around the world there is a pressure to be a brand new person.

On Semester one, the Christmas break, and getting ready to do it all again

‘May your days be merry and bright’ as the song goes. More like gloomy and sh*te, say some people this time of year. As a student, perhaps you have your exams done by now, or maybe they’re just

Why Putting Yourself First Matters

As the age old saying goes, you can’t pour from an empty cup. We all know that in theory it’s stupid to try help everyone else sort out their problems before we have first taken care of our own.

Medication for mental illness: is it the right answer?

Mental health has become a contemporary epidemic in Ireland. With the alarming rates of suicide, it’s time we begin to examine where we are going wrong. The Central Statistics Office provided me

Young mother speaks out about the detrimental effects of over-prescription for mental illness

As Maria walked down the laneway towards me, she seemed confident. She is an old friend, we had often spent time talking about the struggles of anxiety. She suffers, every day.   “You look