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How To Motivate Yourself To Workout

The main thing everyone struggles with when keeping fit is finding the motivation to do so. Think about it, if everyone had the motivation to work out all the time, the world would be filled with bodybuilders. You’re not alone. Its easier said than done because how often have you promised yourself to get up early for the gym only to press snooze at 6am? We all need a little help every now and again.

Here are some foolproof ways to motivate yourself to work out:

Shake It Up

If your go to form of keeping fit is going to the gym, shake up your routine a bit. Go for a walk or go swimming. It might be a lot easier to convince yourself to get out of bed if you’re doing something new rather than just the same monotonous routine you’ve done every Monday for the past year.

Eat Well

If we’re eating well we might as well look well. Nutrition is half the battle so if you commit to eating healthily you might as well work out so you can look as good on the outside as you feel on the inside. Cheesy I know, but there’s no point having a high protein diet if you have no sore muscles to repair because you’ve sat around all day.

Use Technology To Guilt Yourself Into Moving More

Use technology to hold yourself accountable at the end of each day for how much you have worked out. This could be anything from a fitness app on your phone to a Fitbit. Be in competition with yourself. Having something tell you that you’ve only taken 4,000 steps that day might just be the kick you need to motivate yourself to work out.

Enlist A Friend’s Help

Just like going to lecturers, it’s always easier to show up for something if you have someone else depending on you. Some days the only reason we pull ourselves out of bed for a Sociology lecture is because we know our friend is doing the exact same thing and expecting to see us sitting beside them in 20 minutes. You can look at working out the same way

Join A Class

If you invest your own money in a class at the gym you’re a lot more likely to go. You’ve already paid for it so you might as well. Also it sets a specific time and date for you to work out which might make it easier to motivate yourself, rather than just telling yourself you’ll workout sometime in the evening.

Trick Your Body

Before your body even knows what’s going on spring a workout on it. Sometimes if we are planning on working out in the evening and we have a bad day we can let ourselves make 100 excuses until we find ourselves sitting in watching Netflix for the night. Not all excuses are invalid, sometimes we just have a bad day or you might have done badly in a test and feel like you need to hit the library. Whatever your reason, if you set aside a block of time to work out first thing in the morning then you’re working out before your brain can come up with a reason not to and your body even knows what’s happening.