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60% of irish people admit never having sti test

The report, commissioned by Irish start-up LetsGetChecked, also worryingly shows that 57% of the public are unaware that 80% of STIs are symptomless. 
With only 34% of people admitting to having a frank conversation about their sexual health with new partners, it appears that a stigma remains in Ireland around discussing sexual health and getting tested. 
This could be seen as a contributing factor to the increase in STIs in Ireland, recently reported by the Health Protection Surveillance Centre.
According to the figures, 9,764 people in Ireland were diagnosed with an STI last year, with Chlamydia remaining the most prevalent sexually transmitted disease with 6,707 cases reported in 2014, representing 68% of all reported STIs in Ireland. 
Of these cases, the majority of diagnoses occur within the 20-24 age bracket with 54% of females contracting the infection against 46% of males.
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Commenting on the research, Peter Foley, CEO of LetsGetChecked said: “The most worrying outcome from this research is that while 90% of Irish people say they have never had an STI, only 30% have actually had a sexual health check-up.
“With a large proportion of STIs displaying little to no symptoms, people cannot afford to be presumptive when it comes to their sexual health.”
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