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My Sex-Ed Experience: The bill that Could Change Irish Relationship and Sexuality Education

I can only vaguely remember sex education in primary school. Going to an all-boys primary, the sex-ed seminar was held in conjunction with the all-girls primary across the road. All of sixth class,

How To Motivate Yourself To Workout

The main thing everyone struggles with when keeping fit is finding the motivation to do so. Think about it, if everyone had the motivation to work out all the time, the world would be filled with

Living With A Skin Condition

Hi, my name is Katie and yes, I have a skin condition… What is it you ask? I suffer from a genetic condition called Keratosis Pilaris, more commonly known as, “Chicken Skin.” Sounds

Masturbation's Journey To Acceptance

There is a long and meaty history behind masturbation that many of you are probably not aware of. We’ve all heard the stories about those who do so at the risk of going fully blind. However,

STI & STD Lowdown: What Are HIV And AIDs?

In our next instalment of our weekly sexual health series, we are focusing on two different infections. Many people conflate the two, when in fact they are two separate things. First, let’s

Moisturising 101 For All Beauty Novices

Moisturising is not a new phenomenon when it comes to looking after skin. Everyone knows that it’s an essential part of skincare routines. However, it can be difficult for people to give their skin