I always question the Irish people around me whether or not they listen to Irish musicians.

Disappointingly enough, the answer is more often than not a resounding no. I am extremely Irish myself, meaning that I like to take the time to immerse myself in all things Irish, particularly Irish music.

There’s a whole other world out there, instead of listening to the likes of Calvin Harris, Taylor Swift and Ben Howard, why not look to home?

On my own blog No Cat Got My Tongue I’ve posted about Irish musicians too. I’ve decided to pick five songs from Irish musicians I have been enjoying lately and will share them for your listening pleasure, giving you a little background on each.

I really hope this encourages you to explore the music of the Irish musicians more.

All Tvvins – These 4 Words

This band based in Dublin, whom I’ve also interviewed on my blog, are musicians that are among my favourites.

Known for their funny, upbeat and quirky guitar and beats. They always make me want to dance because their music is electronic complete with synthesizers.

Within seconds of starting “These 4 Words” I find myself bopping my head and tapping my feet. With every song they manage to come up with an infectious best that is unique to each song, yet is instantly recognizable as All Tvvins.

Their songs are totally gig friendly and last month they supported legendary band Foals in Marlay Park, Co Cork.

I really think they are one of Ireland’s best musical exports at the moment. Other tunes I love from them are Resurrect Me, Unbelievable, Darkest Ocean and Thank You.


James Vincent McMorrow – Get Low

Another Dublin music act, I have loved his music for years and it has been both lovely and interesting to watch his sound evolve. McMorrow has a really distinctive voice.

When I first started to listen to him with his song “We Don’t Eat”, his music was predominantly guitar and soft sounds, which was honestly really beautiful to listen to.

However, his latest offering has seen an introduction of electro and more bass tones. This song “Get Low” is fantastic.

The song opens with a cool guitar sound and a beat that really makes me move my body. I am honestly very impressed with this latest offering from him.



Embrz – Breathe

Also from Dublin, Jack Casey’s music really caught my eye because it was enjoyable listen to. I’ve found myself slipping more and more into electro the older I’ve gotten.

I’m not as familiar with his music as the previous artists, but I am so impressed and proud that he is an Irish musician.

Even if you’re not an electro fan, I would recommend giving this song a listen. The chorus is what really had me impressed and I found myself totally immersed in the song at that point.

The beat is just something I really like and is something that could be made into an amazing remix I feel.


Foy Vance – She Burns

This is one of the more melodic songs in this list. I absolutely adore this song. It came out earlier in the year, but I really want more people to listen to this artist.

Foy Vance is a fantastic musician. His music is gorgeous, with a detectable hint of Irish in it. The lyrics are lovely, if you listen to them carefully it tells a beautiful love story.

The combination of his melodic voice and the instruments is genius in the chorus, I literally go into music heaven when I listen to it.

I can’t see a flaw in this song. I recommend you check out his album because it is full of gems. A musician to watch, he is someone who has collaborated with the likes of Ed Sheeran.


Talos – Your Love is an Island

Talos is the brainchild of Eoin French, a musician from Cork. I came across this musician looking through Irish music blogger Nialler9 and trawling through Google.

His songs are quite haunting at times. The words used in the lyrics are what caught my eye, being a lover of the written word, I found them beautiful.

Towards the end of the song at 2:37 there is an introduction of a catchy electronic beat. It’s this beat that had me thinking “wow”.

I’m very fussy with music but eclectic as the song is, it works for me.

The lyrics, “your love is an Island, I’m scorched in the sands of it,” are emotional.. I do find this song makes me weirdly sad and emotional.

I think this song was expertly crafted. I just think this artist doesn’t get enough credit and more people need to be aware of him.

Please read the full lyrics to this song, they are amazing. The music video is fascinating too and beautifully shot.


So this is some of the Irish musicians I am listening to at the moment. There are countless more out there creating heavenly music that you need to take the time to explore.

Ireland is full of such talented people, yet a lot of us seem to forget that. I hope you enjoyed this!