Top tips for holiday packing

When it comes to packing the essentials, one can never be too safe. That extra pair of shorts for a tropic escape, a different outfit for each night, backup flats for long walks along the beach. But are we getting duped by airlines who are charging upwards and in excess of fifty euro for checking bags? Or can you fit all you need into your carry on? Well here at, we are giving you the best tips and tricks when it comes to packing it all in!
1. Avoid Bulky items:
Heavy jackets, that extra jumper, those runners you’ve packed just in case you get the urge to pursue a fitness lifestyle on your trip… take them out! If you want to be practical and get the most out of what you’re getting, avoid packing bulky items. Wear your heaviest items on the plane. If it’s a jacket or coat, you can get away with carrying it in your hands through security and popping it in the overhead cabin before take-off.
2. Make use of each space:
One trick I’ve learnt over the years is to use as much space as you can. For instance, when packing shoes put them at the bottom of your case and stuff them with the socks or tights you’re bringing. Also, roll up t-shirts and pants and layer them in your case; it takes up less space and unpacking becomes even faster. You should also make use of any outer pockets for things like adapters, chargers and cables.
3. Know what you’re entitled to:
Read the airline’s carry-on guidelines. If you bring a small backpack, you can keep all your important documents like passports, boarding passes and insurance in it. It’s easier than rooting through your case all the time and it’ll speed up the process of going through security when all you need to do is throw up your bag and take out your passport.
4. Avoid excess:
Realistically, if you are heading away, whether it’s a weekend break or a week long escape, only pack items you know you’ll use. There is no point having more than three pairs of shoes max, two dresses, a few tops to interchange and, depending on where you are going, two pairs of jeans/shorts. Also, if you do want to shop while you’re away, think of the space you’ll need in your case to bring back any purchases or gifts as well. Think about it: if your case is full going over, there is no hope you’ll be able to bring back more.
5.Unnecessary items:
Things like travel sized shampoo, toothpaste and deodorant are a waste of time. Wherever you go, whether it’s the city or the seaside, there will always be a supermarket or a chemist within walking distance of where you are staying. If you’re travelling with friends, get one bottle of shampoo and conditioner, whatever is on offer, and share a tube of toothpaste. It’s only for few days and it allows you to bring more liquids with you. It also means if you buy makeup abroad or perfume you’ll be able to
Happy packing!