The 5 best places to visit in Ireland

Looking for an alternative to an overseas getaway this summer? Not enough money, or just didn’t leave yourself with enough time to actually plan the whole ritual of flights, accommodation and time off? As well as the itinerary of your holiday, and all the sights you would want and need to see in your abroad destination of choice?

Yet many of us forget that there is true beauty in the land we live in, Ireland. Believe it or not, Ireland is the perfect place to holiday in this summer- native or not!

We are in the thick of a heatwave and word has it we are set to be treated with this foreign heat for another few weeks so, seize the moment and check out this wonderful country for a weekend away while the weather provides the opportunity.

Here are’s top five picks for a weekend away in Ireland this summer.


There is so much to see in Galway. From the Aran Islands to spending a few days in the beautiful city itself. Galway is portrayed as a very culture- driven city, and is home to many festivals, so why not go on a weekend break to see and enjoy a festival of your choice?

The Galway International Arts Festival takes place mid-July from the 16 to 29 to this month is the perfect chance to go and see the arts Galway has to offer.


We all know the capital, and the ‘Big Smoke’ that is County Dublin, and Dublin is a pretty obvious staycation city to visit. Again, a very big touristy place from Stephen’s Green, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Grafton Street to Temple Bar.

A lot of people have probably visited Dublin, but how bad would a couple more days in the busy city be? From a night out to Temple Bar, or the massively famous Coppers to a day of shopping on Grafton Street, let out your inner tourist in our wonderful capital.


There are so many reasons to visit Belfast this summer, but the main one has to be the Titanic experience- letting you know what it would feel like to have been on the Titanic all those years ago.

How about visiting the beautiful Botanic Gardens after for a bit of lunch? Great spot for a tasty treat!


The nightlife in Kilkenny is said to be great, so if you’re looking for a night out as part of your staycation, Kilkenny may be just for you. Not only that, Kilkenny seems like another culture rich county, so why not spend your day exploring the magnificent ruins of Kilkenny Castle?

West Cork

From Clonakilty to Kenmare, and not to forget Kinsale, who wouldn’t love to visit either of these towns? Or Youghal? You wouldn’t have to travel too far to find a beach if you were holidaying in either of these towns for your summer vacation- that’s a promise.

Why go abroad to sunny Spain, or explore the tourist attractions in Rome, when you’ve all you could want in Ireland from sun (for now!) to more tourist attractions than you could ever hope for. Check out your local attractions and bask in a city near you this summer.