Santa ponsa: 6 things you need to know

The Leaving Cert is now over, the LC holidays will be commencing with unrestricted joy within the next week or so-and Santa Ponsa seems to be ‘the place’ this year. Here’s 6 very important facts for those who are going there.

1. Sun, sun, sun

Santa Ponsa apparently enjoys 300 days of sun a year and about 400mm of rain a year(less than a medium sized bottle of water). The hottest times are in July and August, so those who were super eager to get away after June 20th, you’ll miss out on the best weather. It will still amazing compared to Ireland, just not the best. For those who are packing more sun-cream than clothing, the location by the sea means you can find relief in the cooling sea breeze and you won’t burn too much. It’ll also be a nice view when you’re hung-over in the mornings.

2. Head to the off license not the supermarket

This surprised the crap out of me when I found it, but locating your local offie may save you up to 20% per trip, (and you’ll do it a far view times), compared to the local supermarkets. If you want to bring the local stuff back home for the lads, you can, you’ll only create a stir at the airport if you attempt to bring back 110 litres of beer (about 10 crates of 500ml cans) or so.

3. Tobacco can’t be bought in supermarkets

Interesting one. Santa Ponsa apparently has 3 shops just for the smokers in the group, the only other places are at vending machines. Prices are about half that in Ireland, no surprises there! You can bring it back to Ireland, but not over 3kgs of the stuff otherwise you create suspicion, also it would damn heavy!

4. Water park

Western Water Park can be reached by taking a free shuttle bus from spots around Santa Ponsa. It ain’t cheap, but when is a theme park ever cheap? You can ride something call the big hole, of which the name alone sounds interesting. There a load of other interesting stuff to do there and you can find a pretty cool video below.

5. Shopping opportunities

The Andratx market takes place in Santa Ponsa every Wednesday, for those of you inclined to want to buy things for the peeps back home to make ‘em even more jealous. There’s also big places like Porto Pi and Palma City, which like the market are extremely close to get to apparently.

6. Night life

This is the main reason why LC student go to these places. Santa Ponsa, as with most of these places has a centrally located area full of pubs, bars and clubs, the place is called The Square. Not far from Ponsa is Magaluf (or Shagaluf as it is otherwise known) which has an abundance of places that hold foam parties and the lark all summer long. Where could you possibly go wrong?

‘Make hay while the sun shines lads’ and enjoy the place-not just Ponsa but wherever you end up for your ‘LC holiday’ with the lads or the gals.