Oz diary: sydney beaches and disastrous djs

I am really bad at keeping up this whole blog thing, I need to get my act together. But on a lighter note, I love Sydney. Not only do I love it as a holiday destination, I actually don't want to go home. I am definitely considering coming here for a working visa when I finish college next year. I haven't done too much crazy stuff just yet, I've mainly been spending time with my family, and meeting up with people I know over here.Last week I met up with my best friend from back home, Stacey, and her boyfriend Sam, who are also here for the summer, visiting Sam's family.
It was my first time going into the city so I was pretty excited about that, and I certainly wasn't disappointed. The city is amazing, all high rise buildings made with glass, reflecting the sun. It just looked amazing. Not to forget I was also amazed by their trains because they're double decker. Yeah, I am easily amused. It was so good to see my friends, as they had been over here for a month before me.
We spent the day on Sydney's Darling Harbour, visiting the renowned Madame Tussauds, before going to the beer garden in a pub called Bungalow 8 for some cocktails at happy hour. Needless to say we looked like right tourists with our big fancy cameras and my GoPro, but we fit in all the same. 
Later on in the week we decided to go on a night out in the city, which turned in to a right disaster. Let's just say, if somewhere seems good from the outside, yet there is nobody in the queue, then it's probably going to be terrible. We went to this bar/club on Darling Harbour called Helm, as the music was blaring and through the windows it looked pretty packed.
We paid $25 in to the place, worst decision ever. It was practically empty and there was some ridiculous MC who kept shouting  "Yeah, yeah, everybody let's move to the groove", over every song. We left after ten minutes.
We finally found another nightclub called Home, which was also $25 in, but somehow we got in for free, luck of the Irish eh?
The place was a million times better then Helm. A DJ called Matt Ferreira was playing, the atmosphere was amazing, and sure I was in my element. Despite that, Stacey and Sam who live an hour away from the city, had to wait until quarter to five that morning to get a train home, which they weren't too happy about. Overall, the night didn't go too well.
I've also been to visit Bondi beach, which is only about 15 minutes from where I'm staying, and believe me it's beautiful.
Even though its winter over here it's still hot, and the beach was packed with sun worshipers and of course, surfers. We have done a coastal walk from Bondi to Bronte and got to see all the lovely beaches in between.
I have truly fallen in love with Sydney… Did I mention I don't want to come home?