Oz diary: playing with penguins

I know a lot of people think that all zoos are the same; just a bunch of animals roaming around. But you have seen nothing until you have seen Taronga Zoo in Sydney.

I took a trip to Taronga Zoo with my friends Sam and Stacey, and the experience starts right from the beginning. You have to get a ferry from Circular Quay, where the Opera House is, over to the zoo. It only takes ten minutes but the views from the boat are out of this world. The Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, and the entire city all in one picture, it's just incredible. Then when you get off the ferry you get on a cable car, which brings you to the top of the zoo, while giving you a quick glance the zoo underneath.

The zoo itself is just unbelievable. It’s located on a hill and the views of the city are amazing: Plenty of photo opportunities. There were just too many animals to even begin naming but we had so much fun. The zoo was divided into different sections, including a reptile trail, the African Safari and the Rainforest trail.

We even got to see a baby chimpanzee; he was tiny! At one point we were walking around a kangaroo trail, and two kangaroos came hopping by us. We thought they had escaped their enclosure, but sure we were in their enclosure… Oops. There were so many talks from zookeepers throughout the day, and the staff were so friendly. But if you do visit, be careful of the bush turkeys, who just run around under your feet while you're walking around

My favourite part of the day was doing the Penguin encounter. Taronga Zoo gives visitors so many opportunities to have encounters with animals such as koalas, giraffes, owls and reptiles. It cost me $55 for the Penguin Encounter, but with them being my favourite animal, there was no way I was passing on the opportunity. It was AMAZING. I got to go in to their enclosure and sit down and feed them, while they all played around my feet. They were tiny little fairy penguins and were so cute. Pretty sure it was the best day ever.

Dublin Zoo is nothing compared to this zoo, especially getting to walk around it on a beautiful hot day. I couldn't imagine the heat walking around it during the summer here. By the end of the day my feet were burning from all the walking around, but it was worth it.

We travelled back to Circular Quay as the sun was beginning to set, and the city looked even more beautiful. From my experiences so far here in Sydney, I'd say the zoo is definitely one of the must see places here!

Only two weeks left here in Australia. I'm pretty upset if I'm honest, I'm not ready to go home yet. But off to Melbourne tomorrow, so plenty more adventures to be had…