Oz diary: opera house and mcdonalds to your door

McDonald's in Sydney does home deliveries, is that not just the best news ever?

I'm falling in love with Sydney more and more every day, and no not just because of the McDonald's news, but that's a big plus. I also finally got to see the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, and they're even more amazing in real life. It's crazy, when you see something so often in photos and on the TV, you never think that you're actually going to be there yourself one day.

We drove to Sydney Harbour National Park last Wednesday where we done the coastal walk along the Manly Scenic Walkway, towards Manly beach, and on the way we drove over the Harbour Bridge. I actually felt like a child on Christmas morning, it was like what you would see in a film, almost sticking my head out of the window with a big grin on my face, sad I know, but it was really exciting.

On Friday then we took the bus into Circular Quay, where I got to see both the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge up close. The Opera house is amazing upfront, but I didn't get to see inside or do a tour. I did however do the touristy thing and get photos standing on the steps outside, and further away, from the other side of the harbour.

Circular Quay has so much for tourists to do, from boat tours to a jet boat adventure. It also has ferries, which can bring you to other parts of Sydney. I also got to see my first State of Origins game last week, between New-South Wales and Queensland, which was pretty cool, although it was Rugby League, not Rugby Union like in Ireland, so I didn't really understand what was going on. But most of the players were pretty good looking, and at least I can say I was in Sydney for New South Wales winning the Origin for the first time in nine years.

Sydney seems to be full of Irish people. I was at a birthday on Saturday and after the meal we were in the pub next door. It felt like I was in a pub in Ireland, there were more Irish people there than Australians. On that note, I'm sick of hearing: "Why did you come over in July for a holiday? It's winter." It's my only time off from college, OK… Jesus!

Last Saturday night was great and all but I had the world's worst hangover Sunday, and it really made me miss my mammy. I didn't get out of bed until ten o clock Sunday night, after spending the whole day vomiting (disgusting I know). But sure that's what three bottles of wine does to you.

Its Tuesday now and I'm still recovering.  I still don't want to come home though….