Oz diary: filming koalas and attending murder trials

Deciding to go live in another country for a few months is tough. It is especially tough when you’re flying blind into a new world with no job and no definite place to stay – starting completely from scratch.

Is it a silly thing to do? Are we daft to leave the comfort of our homes in Ireland and to go live in a country that’s more expensive and, with the exception of the major cities, still living in the 1980s? Not to mention the many venomous snakes, spiders and lizards that can kill you at any moment, as well as the scorching sun just waiting to fry your skin as soon as you step outside.

Is it a bit stupid of us? Of course it is. Does that matter? Of course not.

The last month has been tough. We have been pouring time and effort into the job hunt; attempting to avoid the scams in the bunch. We’ve made some bad decisions. But we’ve dealt with them.

I’ve learned more about living in the big bad world in the last month than I did in the nineteen years before it. I’ve learned from the mistakes I’ve made out here. Living out here is a challenge, but at least we’re living.

Since we decided to leave the dodgy farm jobs, things have started looking up. I’m after getting a job in one of the nicest nightclubs that I’ve ever seen. It overlooks the Brisbane River and the Story Bridge (which lights up different colours at night). It’s only a couple of nights work a week but it keeps me going. When the epic Brazil and Chile match was on last Saturday, the bar didn’t close until after 5am, so people could watch it. Then we got the place cleaned by 6 and the Colombians that work there pulled up the couches and stayed for the Colombia and Uruguay match. I’m still in awe over James Rodriguez’s goal…

I’m also after getting a job in a hostel, where they let me stay here for free in return for a few hours’ work. I’ve met some pretty cool people from all over the world here in the hostel and it’s a really good place to stay. The one problem though is that there are no ovens, so everything has to be cooked on the hob. But then again, I am staying here rent- free so I can’t complain! First-world problems eh?

As well as all that, I’m doing an internship with the Brisbane Times. I was thrown in at the deep end. On the first day we went to a press conference for a murder/torture case. We also covered a story about a man who escaped from prison in 1999 via a helicopter, who decided to hand himself in to the Queensland police. All in all, it was a pretty productive day.

I’m also going to be making videos for the world’s largest koala sanctuary. KOALAS. The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary take on plenty of volunteers and they just happened to be looking for people to help out with making some videos of the sanctuary. So you can expect plenty of koala action in the coming weeks.

We’re living right in the city centre of Brisbane, which is actually a really nice city with plenty to do. Now that things are working out, I can spend time enjoying it.

I’m after getting past the miserable job hunt and now everything seems to be falling into place. Sitting around doing nothing is my idea of hell and I’ve done enough of that in the last month to do me for the next year. I’ll definitely be kept busy with everything that’s happening now. The problem now is trying to find time for everything.

That’s a challenge that I will wholeheartedly accept.

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