Need a few bob? travelbug ltd are looking for brand ambassadors

They let you book your own flights, saving you lots of money rather than you paying commission for flights you could book yourself online. You earn €15 commission for every person that goes on one of their programmes – all you do is give them the names and numbers and they do all the rest! Once the students put a deposit down on a programme (like a J1 or grad visa), you get paid. It’s that easy!

It is all in your own time, so all you need to do is post a status on social media and chat to your friends. You may need to do a flyer drop at some point, but everything else is on your own time, making it super easy to fit into your college schedule. You can put in as much or as little time as you want, providing you get 10 people to register this year. Not a big target!! The best brand ambassador will get a FREE J1 VISA for Summer 2015, providing they get over 50 people registered!! What’s not to love!

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