Motivation station

Today was an odd one. I didn’t change out of my pj’s until about 3 o’clock because I was so homesick and sad, I just didn’t see the point. 
Fast forward two hours and I’m dancing around the kitchen to Take That with the shopping done, my washing on and a list full of places to visit during the week.
Living away from home and spending the majority of the day on your own makes you go through so many emotions in the one day. 
In the space of a mere 12 hours, I’ve been defeated, motivated, sad, excited, happy, on the verge of going home and hopeful for my future here. It’s weird but it’s all part and parcel of this thing we call life! 
Maybe it was all those live videos of Beyoncé I watched on YouTube this afternoon that got me all riled up, but right now I feel like anything is possible!
People have been sending me the kindest and most encouraging messages since I’ve published this blog and it’s made me realise that as long as I have a purpose, something to occupy my days with, I can actually become the brave person they think I am. 
I can turn this scary, unknown journey into the best time of my life. It’s all up to me though, and while I may be parked in motivation station right now I don’t know how I’ll feel tomorrow.
When it comes to creating your own life it’s not easy. Especially when you’re in a whole new place but it is completely possible! 
For anyone out there worried about the decisions they’re making or the chances they’re taking, then just ask yourself what the alternative is. 
If there’s something you’ve always wanted to do like move to your favourite city, make your own music, go on that round the world trip or take that class you’ve always been meaning to try, then get up and do it! 
It may be terrifying and you may feel lonely or afraid you’ve made the wrong choice, but even if it doesn’t work out, who cares? 
As long as you at least try and make the life you’ve always wanted then nothing can stop you!
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Photo: Tim Morris/ Flickr