Five reasons to travel around ireland this summer

Summer is just around the corner which means four months of fun, freedom and flip all to do. One of the best ways to fill this time is to travel – amazing Instagrams, broadened horizons, and new memories with the best of mates.
The first places that come to mind when planning your holidays usually involves either a J1 visa, or an inter-railing ticket. But scrap those notions and stay at home; here are five reasons why Ireland should be your holiday destination this summer vacation.
1) It’s cheaper: this one is a no brainer. You’re saving money not only flights, but also travel insurance, holiday clothes, the possible loss from currency exchange and those pesky items I always forget, like sunscreen and bug spray. Not to mention that in your home country, you’ll know if you’re being over charged and ripped off on taxi prices or club entry.
If you’re in a position where you have enough money for flights abroad, but choose to stay at home, you can afford to splash a little extra cash on nicer accommodation, or simply more pints.
2) It’s easier to organise: On a practical level, it’s much easier to book buses and trains when you understand the area you’re travelling to and the language you’re dealing with. It’s also easier to find people to travel with. No flight restrictions means it’s less of a commitment if any of your friends are working or interning throughout the summer and are unsure of their flexi time. In my case last year, an Irish getaway was ideal because it meant I could go with my best friend. From the Philippines, she struggled to obtain a European travel visa.
3) It’s beautiful: Thousands of tourists come here each year to see our unique coastlines and green, green grass. From the cliffs of Moher down south, to the Giant’s Causeway up north, a breath-taking view can be found wherever you go. We weren’t listed as number one on National Geographic Traveller’s “17 coolest places to visit in 2017” for nothing.
4) There’s always something to do: As a place that’s no stranger to miserable weather, we can’t rely on simply lounging outside as something to do. So naturally, we are the Kings and Queens of organised activities. Of course there’s the usual places our hometowns have, bowling alleys and cinemas, but you’re not missing out on wilder ‘holiday’ activities either. The west coast in renowned for its whopper waves and is regarded as one of the best spots in the world for surfing. If they don’t give you enough of a thrill, try Europe’s largest wooden roller coaster in Tayto Park, Co. Meath. Warning: not for those with weak stomachs (I learnt this the hard way).
5) The craic of the locals: Every Irishman always ends up in an Irish bar when they’re away, because as the saying goes, you’ll never beat the Irish. On an island full of them, you’ll never be short of a tale, a laugh, or if you’re lucky, a good old fashioned lock in.