Canada May Be The Destination For Many Of Next Year’s J1 Students

Canada will possibly gain a lot of the students who had planned to participate in the US J1 Graduate Visa for 2018.

USIT have confirmed that the J1 graduate visa is under review for 2018, and that the uncertainty of the visa is “quite worrying, and that all bets are off,” Melanie Young, program coordinator said in a Facebook Live announcement.

Canada has just released 10,700 work visas for Irish people aged between 18-35, meaning a lot of Irish students could end up choosing to go to Canada instead of the US.

A huge amount of DCU students avail of the of the graduate visa and those who have plans to go will have to “seriously re-think their plans” Young said in the Facebook Live.

Spending summers in Canada and the US is extremely popular with DCU students, and when DCU SU President Niall Behan was asked how this would affect students, he said;

“it’s their loss. Irish people are such a bonus to any society. And if it was cancelled and we have to go to Canada, we will go and flourish there.”

DCU final year student Niamh Witter went to Vancouver last summer; “I used my two year visa to go for the summer, and am planning to return once I graduate. I had an amazing time, and the process of getting my visa and finding work seemed a lot less stressful than the experience my friends who went on J1 summer visas had,” Niamh said.

“Irish people have been travelling abroad and creating communities for decades. The link between the States and Ireland has been massive, and I think not valuing that friendship would be very short sighted,” Behan said.

“I’m so disappointed that it may be cancelled. I went on the summer visa this year to Chicago and was planning on going back somewhere different but I genuinely would consider going to Canada instead now. I think America is going to lose out on a lot of educated Irish students,” another DCU final year student Stephanie Ryan said.

When asked if they had any further information following the Facebook live announcement, a USIT employee said, “it’s still up for review, but there is no mention of the summer visas being touched.”

While the J1 graduate visa is under review by the US state department, Canada have just released 10,700 work visas for Irish people.