Some Tips on Balancing Student Life in 2018

Being a student is great, don’t get me wrong. New friends, parties, naps, you know the drill. However, when you’re not doing any of these things, you’re kind of expected to do some actual work (I know, crazy right?).

Balancing college work, a part-time job and socialising can be difficult and can lead to major stress and anxiety levels. Here are some tips to manage all of the above.


The most important way to manage stress is organisation. Have three essays due in the same week? Plan when you’re going to do each one. DO NOT leave them to the last minute. If you know you’re working all weekend, make sure to have it done before then.

Write is down

Write it all down. Whenever I am feeling overwhelmed and have a million and one things flying about in my brain, I take pen to paper (or finger to keyboard). Write down a list of all the things in your life that are causing you to feel this way and then write down the steps that need to be taken in order to resolve them. This leads back to point 1 reorganisation. Have a plan to manage your stress.

Take a break

Make sure you fit in time to relax. Go for a brisk 15-minute walk. Have a cup of tea. Call your friend for a chat. Whatever it is that helps you de-stress, make the time to do it.

Be realistic about your part-time work

Speak to your manager about the hours you are available to work. Don’t pretend like working every day of the weekend is cool with you if it isn’t. Communicate your concerns and requests and you will be respected all the more for it.

If you need help, just ask

Reach out. Remember that you are not unique. Every person on this earth experiences difficulties in balancing the important things in life. Talk to someone, be it your family, your friends or my personal favourite, your Mam (or the Mammy figure in your life). They know best and are full of wisdom, trust me.

Have fun

Lastly, remember to have fun and enjoy your time at university. Once it’s all over you will come to even appreciate these times of stress and anxiety. Balance is key. Work hard, play hard and live your best life