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The Top 5 Moments of The 2018 Grammy Awards

The Grammy Awards: the Oscars of the music industry. A night to celebrate new talent, to recognise contributions to the music world and to reward those who have exceeded in the music industry. It is also one of the most talked about award shows. Unlike the Oscars, the guest-list is not limited to members of the acting community, often celebrities such as reality stars the Kardashians attend. But what made this year’s awards stand out? These five moments were some of the nights highs and lows, check out’s five most memorable Grammy awards moments 2018.

1. Hilary mocks Trump:

In a skit with host James Cordon, the former first lady made a cameo in the show that called for change, unity and saw fashion make its own political statement on the red carpet. She read from Michael Wolff’s detailed account of President Trump’s White house. In the skit that was an audition which included musicians such as Cardi B, and DJ Khaled, Clinton was the last auditionee. After only one take Cordon informs her that she’s got the job as the voice of the audio recording for the book.

2. Time’s Up Support Kesha:

One of the most poignant moments from the show had to be Kesha’s performance of ‘Praying’, joined by Cyndi Lauper, Camila Cabello, Andra Day and Julia Michaels as well as Time’s Up activists after being introduced by Janelle Monae and her speech about the movement when introducing Kesha. The star fought back tears as she performed, the upbeat performance brought the crowd to their feet in a standing ovation for the songstress and Time’s Up campaigners.

3. Blue Ivy throws shade at Beyonce and Jay Z

The six-year-old stole the show at last night’s Grammy awards, sat between her two stars of parents, Blue Ivy Carter was caught on camera shushing her parents as Camila Cabello introduced U2 to the stage. The six-year-old shushed her parents for clapping too loudly, an adorable moment from the eldest of the carter kids. While her dad was up for multiple nominations unfortunately Mr Carter went home empty handed. A rare sighting of Blue and her parents without the twins, it’s almost déjà vu to her last appearance at the Grammys back in 2017 pre-twins.

4. White Roses:

It was the accessory every star had on the red carpet last night, a white rose for Time’s Up. Whether it was on the lapel of a jacket, on a ring, a bag, a dress or in the hand of one of the attendees, last night was all about the white rose. Following suit from the Golden Globes Time’s Up pins were worn as well as white roses as a sign of unity against sexual assault and harassment in industries worldwide. It was a sign that not only is this conduct taking place in Washington or Hollywood but all over the world, in music, television, film, in the boardrooms and further afield. It sent a message that time is up now.

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5. Joy Villa Wears Pro-Life Dress As Political Statement:

Lat year she wore the dress that said, ‘Make America Great Again’, this year she wore a pro life dress with a foetus in embryo painted on it. To accessorize she wore a tiara and a pro life purse to match the multicoloured painting on her satin like gown. She turned heads for all the wrong reasons last night, on Twitter there was outrage as some users wondered why bring politics like that to an award show that celebrates empowerment and unity. However, red carpets have become podiums for politics lately from both sides of the debate, from activist’s such as Time’s Up, to Joy Villa a pro life activist, award shows seem to be the place to spread political messages these days.


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