Nights Out

The Only Festival Survival Guide You’ll Ever Need

Festival season is finally upon us – can I get a ruuuuup!? Tunes, sunshine and ice cold drinks are key in this study free season. In Ireland, we’re lucky in that we have huge choice when it comes to festivals. If you’re heading to one, then our check-list below is all you need to make sure you make the most of it.

Pack like your life depends on it

Speaking from experience, I can tell you that you can NEVER be too prepared. The trouble with this is that you can end up looking like a freight train and subsequent back pain. Make sure your items can be contained to one rucksack or you’ll end up cursing yourself. If nothing else, make sure to bring the following:

  • Baby wipes. Never underestimate the power of the baby wipe. Good for wiping down a less than desirable toilet seat, makeup removal, wiping mucky spalsh-back from your legs. The list goes on….
  • Portable charger. Most festivals will usually have portable phone chargers but you’re best keeping your phone on you at all times so you can contact your friends if you get lost. I usually bring two portable phone chargers so I can rotate them if one dies.
  • Fluffy socks and a onesie. Irish weather is so unpredictable and temperatures usually drop significantly during the night. Even if its warm during the day, you’ll thank your lucky stars for your onesie in the late hours.
  • Water. Most camping festivals will allow you to enter with sealed plastic bottles. Always bring water. Festival vendors will charge a small fortune for water so prepare in advance and remember to stay hydrated.

Make a game plan

We’ve all been in that position. Person A *screams into phone* “where you?” Person B * “I can’t hear you, i’m at the toilet, i’ll wait here”.

This would be ideal, dear friend, only for the 78,000 toilets with an infinite number of entry points on this site.

It’s easy to get lost in the crowds if you’re with a group. Agree on an easily distinguished meeting place. Is there just one fish and chips stand? Stick with a place that can’t be confused by another so you can easily find your pals.

Pace Yourself

You either have an entire day to get through, or an entire weekend. Either way its best to pace yourself so you can most of the music and sunshine. Leaving some time between drinks means you’ll make it to all the acts you’ve paid your hard earned money to see

Ploon, ya want a soft drink mate?

Cause i’ll get for ya’ baby!

If you think you’ve gone over the limit and you’re beginning to feel like it’s time to take it down a notch, grab a soft drink.

Fizzy drinks, non-alcoholic beers/wine and mocktails are a great way to slow yourself down a bit. How about a tonic and some fancy rosemary for the road? Yay or nae? We say yay.

So whether you’re off to a day festival or committing to a full weekend, we hope you have a smashing time. Don’t forget the suncream – here’s hoping we need it!

Make sure to check out the Stay Yourself website for helpful hints and tips for a great night out.

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