Nights Out

8 Chats You Always Have in the Girls Bathroom

There is an unspoken, sacred bond between girls who meet in the bathroom on a night out. From the girl who is in need of some deodorant, to the one you have a discussion with about how long the queue is.

For those few, fleeting moments, it can feel as though you have known each other forever. And let’s face it – it’s almost impossible not to get caught up in the bathroom chats.

Yes, the women’s bathroom is where it all happens, and where you will hear these ten conversations:

OMG! You’re so pretty
Whether you look like you’re at death’s door, or have put in hours of effort, there will always be someone in the girl’s restroom to reassure you of how gorgeous you are. You return the favour, and before you know it, you’re trapped in a circle of compliments.

Why is the queue so long?
With queues often out the door of a club bathroom, it’s only natural that conversations strike up about how you are about to burst. This chat has one big advantage, as it can offer a distraction from how badly you need to go. It almost always never occurs to us that if we didn’t talk so much, maybe the queues would decrease!

Your top is fab!
When you’ve put effort into how you look, it feels great when you get complimented for it. It’s also a great way to find out where to get nice clothes and how much they cost, without having to wander around all the shops in search of it. Penneys, anyone?

This is my song!
Is it “Single Ladies” by Beyonce or “Mr. Brightside” from the Killers? Everyone has their tune, but when you hear it in the bathroom, the girls around you will know about it. Hey, it might be someone else’s favourite song too, and if you can’t leave to go to the dance floor, the bathroom space is as good as any.

I definitely should’ve worn flats
No girl hasn’t gone into the bathroom and complained to her friends, or indeed strangers, about how sore her feet are. It’s only natural after dancing for hours in six inchers – no wonder you’re in pain.

Do you want to take a selfie?
This is how you wake up the morning after with multiple photos with girls in the bathroom. You can always count on someone in the bathroom to ask people to get into a photo or video, even if they don’t know you. Not to worry – if it’s good enough it will end up on someone’s Instagram.

Where are we going for food after this?
The crucial question – where to for food? There’s always going to be a dispute over the watering hole after a night out. Some search merely for soakage, some are more strategic and want a place close to taxis.

I’ll see you at the bar
After every meaningful chat with your new best friend in the bathroom, you end on the agreement that ‘omg, we should get drinks, I’ll see you down at the bar!’ Only you most likely won’t ever see them again, and all you have to remember each other is the special time you shared in the bathroom.

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