Nights Out

7 Differences Between College Nights And Nights Out “Back Home”

So you’ve been up in college for the last while, and decide to treat your friends back home with a visit. The only option for a reunion “back home” is a night out with the crew.

The only problem is, going out back home is just a little bit different than what you’ve become accustomed to.

The dress code
With your college pals, everything is infinitely more relaxed. You see each other all day, you go out with each other all the time, so your nights out reflect that: jeans, a nice top – maybe even heels if you feel like putting in the effort!

But at home, staying casual isn’t an option, so you have to dig out your trusty dress and heels.

The people
Nights out at home almost always involve bumping into everyone you know: friends from primary school, neighbours who moved away and a flame from your past. You spend half the night telling people that you need to catch up and that they look great.

The savings
Nights out in the city tend to have a negative effect on the ‘aul bank balance, with clubs charging huge amounts of money for entry. While it can be done on the cheap with some preparation, nights out at home take no such preparation. Reduced or no entry fee, drink deals and a short journey home all lead to a happy bank account.

The queues
While it’s cheaper going out at home, the queues for the local make up for it. If you’re lucky, you have more than one option. If not, then you’re stuck queuing outside with the rest of your town hoping to get in before it gets bright. And if you do get inside, you can say goodbye to your makeup that’s about to be sweated off.

The late night snacks
If you didn’t bump into someone you knew at the club or bar, you can guarantee that will happen afterwards getting food. There’s not as many options available to you at home, so you, with the rest of town, pile into the local chipper for some snacks.

The shared taxis
Maybe you’re used to a whole street full of taxis in the city, but at home there’s less choice, so you might find yourself sharing a taxi with a someone you went to primary school with who lives around the corner from you. Sharing is caring, after all.

The selfies
Whether it’s at the bar or over a burger, you will definitely spend a lot of your time catching up with people you haven’t seen in ages, and people whose name you can’t really remember. And that only calls for one thing – selfies.

Wherever your night is, make sure to stay safe and Stay Yourself. Visit for more information.