Nights Out

6 Pre-Night Out Rituals We All Do

Between college, work, family and everything else, sometimes all we need is a good night out. An evening down the pub – or on the dancefloor – with your friends is a great way to let your hair down. And you can bet that almost every night out will include these pre-night out rituals:

A mad dash to pre-pack everything you need
As part of getting ready for a night out, it is a great idea to pre-pack your bag so nothing you need is forgotten. However, by the time you finish your hair and makeup, you’re left with less time than you thought. This means that you’re often left running around your room looking for your keys and ID – no matter how many times it happens, you never learn.

Outfit debates
One of the first things that’s done before a night out is to text our group chat to see what everybody else is wearing. For those wearing heels, you can bet that there will be many messages asking who is bringing a big bag so you can slot your flats into it!

A messy room
While we all wish that we could leave our room spick and span before we hit the dancefloor, more often than not, your room is strewn with artefacts from getting ready.

The more organised amongst us will make their bed and leave their pyjamas lying on top of the covers, so that you can easily hop straight into bed. Oh, how the other half live.

Money, money, money
Ah yes, money – the crucial element to any night out. It gets you to the club, your drinks and your taxi home, therefore it is important to know how much to have so you aren’t stuck. Much like getting your bag ready, this can often be a last minute dash to the ATM down the street, and you can always count on at least one friend asking for a lend of tenner.

Two thirds of our bodies are made up of water, therefore it is important to keep ourselves hydrated. Alcohol is a diuretic, which means it causes us to lose more liquid than you necessarily consume. That’s why you should drink water throughout the night to ensure that you are in top form for all that dancing.

This is probably the most important pre-night out ritual that everybody has. Whether that’s a big pizza and chips with your friends, or a homemade dinner before everyone arrives. Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach is dangerous because the alcohol absorbs quickly into your bloodstream, so let yourself eat those crisps.

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