A Guide To Enjoying Yourself Safely On A Night Out

College nights out can be some of the best nights of your youth, as long as you’re surrounded by the right people and know how to properly look after yourself. When you go out with your college

8 Chats You Always Have in the Girls Bathroom

There is an unspoken, sacred bond between girls who meet in the bathroom on a night out. From the girl who is in need of some deodorant, to the one you have a discussion with about how long the queue

Campus Meets: Æ MAK

Lifestyle Editor Aileen O’Leary got the chance to ask up-and-coming group Æ MAK a few questions ahead of their gig tonight supporting Django Django. 1. How did you form Æ MAK? We all met in

Your Rag Week Survival Guide

This morning I woke up with part of a fake plane in my purse, a lipstick I found on the club floor and two hotel soaps in my back pockets, along with a raging headache. Such is the tale of a morning

The Best Movies To See This Week

It’s snowing outside, the temperatures are almost freezing, what better way to kill a few hours before the assignments start to pile up than at the cinema? 1. Winchester On a dirt road on the

Just Announced: 4 Major Acts To Play The Marquee Cork

Summer 2018 is looking good for the Irish music scene. There have already been some big names announced with Billy Joel, Ed Sheeran and Michael Buble all set to take the stage around the country. And