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The Top Crime Series You Binge On Netflix

With the cold spell unfortunately still upon us, it’s time to wrap up warm and hibernate until the days get longer and the nights are warmer. Here at, we’ve compiled a list of of the best crime series available on Netflix right now.

Here’s our top picks…


For any fans of Criminal Minds, this series follows the origins of the behavioural science unit at Quantico. Starring Jonathan Groff as Holden Ford, it follows the young agent interested in behavioural science and the inner workings of the minds of serial killers. In this 10 episode season, follow the personal lives of the characters as they intertwine with the horrors of their work. A real insight into the minds of serial killers and the FBI,with episodes averaging a length of 45 minutes. One you need to binge so you’re ready for season two, which will be released Winter 2018.

2. Narcos:

The infamous Pablo Escobar and his cartel are the focus of this thrilling series. Based in Columbia and in parts of South America, the drama is a dramatized telling of the DEA led take down of one of the worlds largest cocaine lords, Pablo Escobar. His rise to fortune, his capture and his death have all been portrayed in 3 suspense filled seasons. This show blends in and out of two languages but fear not there are subtitles and after awhile you’ll pick up some phrases and words too! It is one of the best crime shows Netflix have, it’s drama and action combined. With 30 episodes to binge, what are you waiting for?

3. Making A Murderer:

This was the show that ignited the crime genre on Netflix, and its Christmas release was instrumental in the success of the show and its streams. By New Years people knew the story of Stephen Avery, the crime he was accused of, the court case, the trial, his release and the investigation into the police who put him away. But what had viewers on the edge of their seats is the fact that Avery was arrested not too long after his release on the charge of murder. The series follows the suspects in both cases, a confession that was made in extraordinary circumstances, and the aftermath. The case is ongoing but if you want to get up to speed all 10 episodes are available to stream now on Netflix.

4.The People vs Oj Simpson:

The case was legendary, the trial a media frenzy and the black glove a mystery. It was the 90’s in L.A, riots were rampant and dirty cops were being exposed. A murder in Brentwood turns into the case of the century when Nicole Brown, Simpson’s ex wife, is found slain on the steps of her home next to a local restaurant worker who was presumed to be her lover at the time. With an all star cast and produced by America Horror story’s Ryan Murphy it is a spectacular series with season 2 in the works. Binge the 10 episodes from season one now while we wait for next season’s case.

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