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The netflix binge: scream

Adapted from the movie franchise Scream, this MTV show has big footsteps to follow.  But I can say with pleasure, it followed up flawlessly.
The first episode opens with an incident of cyberbullying, where a video of high school student Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus) kissing a girl was posted online.
Just like the Scream franchise, the TV series begins with a high school girl getting murdered. Nina Patterson’s (Bella Thorne) death is mourned in school when word spreads, with her boyfriend, who is now missing, as the main suspect.
Years back, a man named Brandon James went on a killing spree in the town Lakewood where Nina’s murder happened.  There is then speculation of his return, even though he was shot dead by the police after his spree.
In order not to spoil the series, I can’t describe any more deaths. But I can say, there are plenty more where that came from.
I felt like such a detective while watching episode to episode (in less than a week, I may add).  
Each episode unravels a new series of clues that points towards the murderer, but makes you question the legitimacy  of those claims and whether or not that person is a little too obvious to be the real deal.  
In comparison to the Scream franchise, I must say that I found this series to be a lot slicker. For a start, the costuming is very sophisticated.
The new mask will leave you picturing it across the room from you just as you’re about to fall asleep at night. The killer is also very clever in this series.  
In the movie, the killer is such a klutz, it’s almost laughable.  But in the series, they will come out of nowhere and literally vanish into thin air when they’re done with their victim.  
I’m not usually a big fan of pop culture references in a movie or television show, but I felt it was well suited to this series.  
The use of technology was excellently portrayed throughout the series, it didn’t go overboard but showed what Scream would have been like if technology had been as prevalent in the 90s. 
I have so much love for this series.  I mean, I wouldn’t re-watch it, but it gave me a remarkable amount of joy every night, eager to find out if I was right about who the killer was.  
It not only fulfilled my need to be scared, but also my need to be a detective.  My two biggest desires when it comes to film and TV. 
If you’re a Scream fan, I would say you can’t afford not to give it a watch. And even if you haven’t seen Scream it doesn’t matter, because it is its own series and strays from the movie a lot. 
All episodes are available on Netflix. Make sure to watch them now – just in time for Halloween.