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The netflix binge: reign

Since I am a netflix addict, I have been going crazy trying to find a new series to entertain myself with. 
I found Reign on Netflix, it was recommended from what I’ve previously watched, so I decided to give it a try. I was certainly not disappointed.
With a near five star rating on Netflix, Reign seems to be a favourite with a lot more people than just myself. 
After watching season one, I have to say it really does deserve it’s ratings. Despite the viewing audience not being as big as other more popular shows on Netflix, it doesn’t lack in quality what so ever. 
Reign is a victorian based programme based around Mary Queen of Scots and her life as she came to become a very powerful queen. 
It has elements of Game Of Thrones except with mainly female protagonists who are incredibly powerful as well as deceitful. 
It starts with Mary and her three ladies coming into France in order to meet the Prince of France before she marries him. Throughout the show, Mary is never far from danger, which does nothing else but thrill its viewers.
Reign has a mixture of elements throughout the seasons that keeps you on your toes and will constantly throw you off as the plot progresses.
Speaking for myself, I hate predictable shows so Reign will not disappoint. You are constantly on edge watching the show as the plot can completely shift through a huge amount of influences in the story. 
Similar to Game of Thrones, there’s a mystical element about the plot which comes in the shape of predictions and pagan religion rituals that’ll give you the gorey factor in this series. 
Also, the limitations of power will leave you trying to pull your hair out when it gets in the way of the rise of France (where the series is mainly based on) even though a lot of the filming is actually done in Ireland and Scotland. 
It’ll also make you realise how dark people’s inner intentions can be which can make you appreciate a character even more.
You will also find some familiar faces on the show; Anna Popplewell (Susan in “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe”), Caitlin Stacy (Rachel Kinski in “Neighbours”) and the beautiful Terrance Coombs (Thomas Culpepper in “The Tudors”). 
The show itself is a mixture of many themes; political influences, a love story, influences from the spiritual world and lots of sex and death (but not as much as Game Of Thrones). 
All in all, it is a fantastic show and you will grow to like all of the characters in the show as well as some that will grow to become the bane of your life. 
The costumes for this show as well are truly spectacular and I can only say that Mary’s dresses are absolutely amazing! Each one is so stunning and incredibly unique.
Otherwise if you just want to look at attractive people, Reign is also for you! Between the gorgeous men and the stunning women and amazing costumes, you’ll have a true spectacle as you watch the series.
If I keep talking about it, I’ll spoil the great story for you so go! Watch it!